Bleach Creator Teases the Anime’s Future Adaptations

Bleach is aiming to make a comeback this year, and all eyes are on Tite Kubo as the series nears its return. After all, the anime revival will adapt the manga’s final act, and the Thousand-Year Blood War arc is wild, to say the least. Kubo has kept fans up to date on the project since it was announced, and now, the creator is commenting on whether more shows could be down the line for Bleach.

The update comes from Kubo’s personal blog as the artist is known for writing to fans there. Subscribed fans can ask the artist questions on the site, and of course, Kubo has answered a good many about Bleach ahead of its return. So when one fan asked whether Bleach‘s other stories may get anime adaptations, Kubo wasn’t opposed to the idea.

“Oh, I see. If there’s enough material, I guess it could be done,” he shared.

The response isn’t overly enthusiastic, but to be fair, Kubo has enough on his plate these days. Not only did the artist stage a comeback with Burn the Witch and a new chapter of Bleach recently, but he’s keeping a close eye on the anime. There is plenty for Kubo to worry about at the moment, but when the time comes, fans think his Bleach spin-offs are ripe for the picking.

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After all, Bleach has several novels that would make for good anime fodder. Spirits Are Forever With You, The Death Save the Strawberry, We Do Knot Always Love You, Can’t Fear Your Own World, and others have become favorites with fans in recent years. So if the show’s big revival goes well this year, Kubo may get to see one of these side stories on-screen before long!

What do you think of Kubo’s comment? Would you like there to be more Bleach series in the future? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.