Quick “review”: The Human Centipede (First Sequence) (2009)

Synopsis: A German surgeon kidnaps three tourists and forces them to participate in an experiment. Putting his “100% medically accurate” theory to the test, he creates a conjoined organism by sewing them together, mouth to anus.

Controversy: Like a modern-day William Castle, Dutch director Tom Six used his “100% medically accurate” gimmick to troll for controversy, adding extra offense by evoking the specter of Nazi experiments. (The name of Dieter Laser’s mad scientist, Dr. Josef Heitler, none-too-subtly fuses Adolf Hitler with Josef Mengele.) When he claimed that the movie had been called “the most horrifying film ever made,” a British journalist tried to track down the source of the quote; it was never found. He also mentioned that, when the film showed at festivals, there were copious incidents involving people vomiting in the aisles – which probably was true. The film’s 2011 sequel caused even more controversy, with several newspaper asking if the movie should be banned indefinitely.

Rating: 5