Quick “review”: A Serbian Film (2010)

Synopsis: A retired porn star with dwindling finances agrees to return to the screen in an “art film.” Sounds like easy money, right until the shoot opens with jackbooted thugs leading him to an orphanage set.

Controversy: Rape, snuff, incest, pedophilia, necrophilia, “newborn porn” (do not ask): this genuinely vile movie, regrettably, has it all. Censor boards around the world have done everything they can to prevent people from seeing it. Two different cuts were released in the U.S. – one NC-17, one five minutes longer and unrated – but Netflix dropped the DVD from its rolls without explanation, and countries like Spain, Norway, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand have banned it entirely. Those who do sit through it will be comforted to learn that the filmmakers see it as a blanket metaphor for the atrocities of the Balkan War. Right.

Rating: 9