BORN PUNK is a New Cyberpunk Point and Click Adventure for You to Enjoy

I’m a sucker for a good point and click adventure game. If you like those games, you’ll want to check out Born Punk by Insert Disk 22. This game is a cyberpunk point and click that lets you control a hacker, CEO, and android who each get infected by a mysterious entity that wants to save the human race. The team promises a fun game with a humorous take on the cyberpunk genre and it honestly looks pretty good.

Bornholm. Today, a quaint island in the Baltic Sea. In 2155, a sprawling metropolis competing with major world powers. Thanks to its space elevator, a technological marvel built by Bornholm’s corporate consortium called ‘The Conglomerate’, few nations on the planet are more influential both in industrial matters and space exploration.

In Born Punk, the player slips into the role of three people (well, two people, depending on what your stance is on artificial lifeforms) living on the island: Eevi, a corporate combat hacker turned bartender down on her luck; Mariposa, the CEO of Bornholm’s biggest corporation; and an android who calls himself Grandmaster Flashdrive.

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The three characters have one thing in common: they all, one after another, get possessed by strange entities of unknown origin and even less known intentions. They must work together – and sometimes against each other – to find out of the nature of the beings, what they want, and why they seem to think that their ‘mission’ is of vital importance for the future of humanity.

If this sounds like your thing, Born Punk is now available to play on PC via Steam (save 20% if you purchase it before July 7). The team is also planning on releasing on additional platforms.