Brian “Q” Quinn Explains IMPRACTICAL JOKERS “Feels Like a New Show” After Joe Gatto’s Exit

It was pretty shocking when it was announced that Joe Gatto was leaving Impractical Jokers. This is a fun show that I’ve enjoyed watching over the years, and Gatto was easily one of the funniest guys in the group, so it’s gonna be weird to see the show continue without him. I’ve wondered what the show will be like moving forward.

Well, thanks to Brian “Q” Quinn, we have a little insight into what we can expect from the show without Joe around. During a recent interview with theTell ’em Steve-Dave! podcast, Q explained that he was “f-cking shocked” when the news dropped and he wasn’t even sure if they would continue the show. He said:

“Look, initially, we didn’t even know. We were like, ‘Can we even, is this even worth doing without Joe?’ but you just look at it and you’re like, ‘Yeah, I want to keep doing it. I don’t want to not do it.’ If I left the show, I wouldn’t want the guys to stop just because I left.”

He went on to address the concerns that the fans are feeling and says as they are moving forward it feels like a new show:

“F— man, there are so many negatives to Joe not being there. We’re losing a comedic powerhouse. There’s nothing we can do I guess than accept that it is what it is and give ourselves permission to have fun. Once I got through that feeling, it’s been a f—ing blast. It’s almost like a new show now. Isn’t that weird? He was so instrumental behind the scenes and that’s just gone now so it’s like this new vacuum that you can only fill in parts of it here, and there and everywhere. The show, it’s gonna be a bit weirder, the show going forward. I’m able to get a little bit more of my sh-t (in)….I am getting in some like fun weird sh-t now. It’s kind of revitalized the show. I think this is actually going to give the show legs that were getting tired if that makes sense.”

He went on to talk about they are now breaking the format of the show and doing different kinds of things that they weren’t able to do before. He explains:

“There was always things that we wanted to do but we couldn’t do because it just didn’t fit onto Impractical Jokers and the format. Now I’m just like, ‘F-ck it, let’s start breaking format here and there.’….. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t think people were going to like it, but I think people are going to be really surprised at what we end up doing. It’s going to be great. I’m more invested and more involved and having more fun than I’ve had in a long time.”

Q also said that he doesn’t think the show will come to an end with its upcoming tenth season. He thinks the show will live on. It’ll be interesting to see what this looks like now with Joe gone, but I’m excited about the future and seeing how they play with things moving forward.