Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone Season 1 – everything we know

There’s a big update coming to CoD’s battle royale game; Warzone integrates with this year’s Call of Duty, Vanguard, later this year. Call of Duty Cold War integrated with Warzone not long after Cold War’s release, and Season 1 began for both games simultaneously in December 2020.

It looks like this year will be fairly similar, with the Call of Duty Vanguard release date scheduled for November. We’ve already had a chance to play the Vanguard open beta and have put together all the Call of Duty Vanguard weapons we’ve seen in the beta so far – all of which can have up to ten attachments – so you better get planning your loadout.

Warzone is currently on Season 6, with both Modern Warfare and Cold War weapons available to players. The Warzone map changed significantly in Season 3, receiving an ’80s makeover complete with action film icons John McClane and Rambo. Now there are even more changes coming to Warzone in November with the integration of Vanguard, including a new map, weapons, and anti-cheat system.

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