Call of Duty Zombies Chrysalax – how to get the new wonder weapon

Call of Duty Season 6 is now live and there’s a new powerful wonder weapon in the final chapter of Zombies, the Chrysalax.

This powerful weapon can swap between two forms. The first isan Aetherial axe called Chrysalax Savager for melee fights that can also launch a spinning energy blade. The second is a Dark Aether energy gun called Chrysalax Storm for quickly taking out Zombies at a safe distance. The energy gun also has a chance to mutate normal zombies into explosive Aetherium Crystal bombs to kill swathes of enemies.

Call of Duty Cold War wraps up the Zombies storyline with the last chapter, Forsaken, before the Call of Duty Vanguard release date next month. You can take part in the conclusion to the opening chapter of the Dark Aether storyline and wield this multi-function wonder weapon “forged in the pools of Aetheria within the Dark Aether itself.” Here’s how to get the new wonder weapon in Call of Duty Zombies.


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