Can it run Crysis? You bet this RTX 3090 Crysis gaming PC can

            A modder has transformed an RTX 3090 rig into a nanosuit inspired Crysis gaming PC, and you don't even need to ask whether it can run Crysis. The monstrous machine resembles Crytek's iconic helmet, clad with a menacingly red visor and an open panel design.

Created by Reddit user Specialist_Yak9659, the custom Crysis gaming PC uses a Fractal Define S2 at its core, with various 3D printed parts helping the PC case cosplay a CELL Assault Operative. The modder says they used “hot air and hands” to mould some pieces of the build into shape, and that the project took five days to complete.

At the heart of this Crysis rig is an Intel Alder Lake i7-12600k, Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR4 gaming RAM, and a founders edition Nvidia RTX 3090. As you’d perhaps expect, the PC’s innards are drenched in RGB, thanks to a Byski GPU watercooler and Deepcool RF120 fans. Extra details like external illuminated piping help emphasise the ambitions of this build, while lettering across the helmet hammers home the fact this is a Crytek inspired case. Y’know, just in case you think this is just an angry-looking Halo Spartan or something.

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