CDPR Double DOWN! Epic’s MASSIVE Cash LOSS! The Sony Time Bomb, A NEW Nintendo Plan + MORE

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Epic’s strategy is a a costly one, and will see them lose many more hundreds of millions before things turn around. CDPR has doubled down on Cyberpunk 2077 after the cancellation of its standalone multiplayer experience! Nintendo are recommitting to fresh IP, an Indie has been screwed over by Valve’s not fit for purpose refund system, and a whole bunch more, with updates from Xbox, Nier, Sega, the PS5, Timesplitters 2 & Blizzard.

00:00 Intro
00:36 We Interrupt This Program
01:38 Epic’s Half Billion Gamble
07:27 CDPR Never Gonna Give (Cyber)Punk Up
10:04 PS4’s Entire Library Exists On A Knife Edge
12:15 Innovation Not Just Reinvention
13:31 Valve Let Their Money Vanish Before Your Eyes?!
16:30 Quickfire – PS5 Finally Gets Some TLC
17:03 Quickfire – Nier on Steam Is Getting Upgraded
17:23 Quickfire – Game Pass Feature Is Audibly New
17:46 Quickfire – Timesplitters 2 4K Port Unearthed
18:13 Quickfire – Sonic’s (Near) Only Good 3D Game Returns!
18:36 Quickfire – Blizzard Reveal Their Old Dev Secrets
19:19 Quickfire – Raven Soft Continue Battling Their Lost Cause
19:58 See You Next Time!

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