Chainsaw Man Creator Announces New One-Shot, Listen to Futu

Tatsuki Fujimoto is slowly yet surely becoming one of the most powerful names in manga. The creator rose to fame with series like Chainsaw Man, but their artistry has since outgrown the simple shonen demographic it was boxed in. While fans await the second part of Chainsaw Man, Fujimoto has earned global acclaim for several one-shot series, and it turns out another one is in the works.

After teasing fans about an update, editor Shihei Lin confirmed Fujimoto is working on a new one-shot these days. The artist has partnered with Toda Oto on a new story, and it will be released on July 4th. The one-shot will be titled Listen to Futu and seems to be unrelated to any of the side stories Fujimoto has penned in the past.

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As you can imagine, fans are eager to read this new one-shot, and that is hardly surprising given Fujimoto’s track record. The artist got their start in manga by penning one-shots as far back as 2011. Two of his most recent one-shots have earned critical acclaim from readers the world over as well. Look Back and Goodbye, Eri are some of the most innovative stories to ever grace Shonen Jump+. And soon, Listen to Futu will join their ranks.

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Of course, fans are also eager for Fujimoto to give them an update on Chainsaw Man. The manga closed its first part in 2020, and the artist confirmed a second part was in the works. Right now, Chainsaw Man‘s anime is likely keeping Fujimoto on their toes as MAPPA will release the much-anticipated show this fall. But once season one runs its course, Fujimoto might have some updates to give on its manga comeback.


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