Chainsaw Man Reveals How Many Devils Kill Humans

Chainsaw Man’s second chapter is much completely different from the unique story of Denji, aka the Chainsaw Devil. Focusing on a brand new protagonist within the War Devil, Asa Mitaka, the most recent chapter not simply threw a model new satan into the combination, however revealed a startling face a couple of world that sees supernatural forces usually attacking mankind. While the manga has by no means shied away from delivering some grisly moments, the figures for a way many individuals are struck down by devils would possibly come as a critical shock to readers.

Warning. If you will have but to learn the most recent chapter of Chainsaw Man, Chapter 101, you would possibly need to steer clear as we’ll be diving into some critical spoiler territory.

With Asa putting a cope with the War Devil following her loss of life by the hands of a classmate, the younger scholar is now searching for out Denji for causes of vengeance, although why the War Devil has an ax to grind stays a thriller. Joining up together with her college’s “Devil Hunting Club”, Mitaka is aware of a political speaker who breaks down the actually disturbing information in terms of what number of people die by the hands of devils:

“About twenty people have currently stopped to listen to me. Out of those twenty, only five will get to die of old age. Out of the rest, five will die of illness. One will die in a traffic accident, one will die from homicide, and one more will commit suicide. The remaining seven will all be killed by devils. Seven out of every twenty lives are abruptly snuffed out in devil attacks! Make no mistake! Mankind is at war with the devils!’

Of course, whereas this speech is happening, Asa runs right into a satan who seems fairly much like the Bat Devil, one of many earliest “large bads” of the series that had Denji teaming up with Power to fight. Unfortunately for Mitaka, the War Devil explains that they are not currently at a level wherein they will be able to defeat this gruesome goliath.


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If you want to read this chapter now, and for free, you can dive in here.

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