Chainsaw Man: Studio MAPPA Taking Questions For Anime Expo Panel

While Spy x Family might be one of the biggest new anime arrivals in 2022, the Forger Family is set to have some major competition as the long-awaited anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man is set to arrive later this year from Studio MAPPA. With this year’s Anime Expo set to have a panel focusing on both MAPPA and the anime adaptation of Denji’s story created by Tatsuki Fujimoto, a call to fans has been sent out in which the anime studio is looking to receive questions about one of the biggest new anime series of the year.

If you somehow aren’t familiar with the story of Chainsaw Man, the manga has already brought its first part to a close, with the return of the series currently in production and the series following a young man named Denji who fused with his dog, who just so happens to be the Chainsaw Devil. Inheriting some wild powers that help in save his life, the dog Pochita is now bonded to Denji and the Shonen protagonist must now work for a government organization in order to eradicate devils while also aiming to save the world from the nefarious Gun Devil, a being causing untold devastation around the world while harboring a dark secret.

Studio MAPPA has sent out a call to fans for the upcoming Anime Expo panel taking place on the fourth of July when it comes to the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man, with anime viewers being asked to use a unique hashtag in order to get their questions into the right hands prior to the major anime event:

Chainsaw Man fans! For the upcoming Chainsaw Man panel at Anime Expo, we’re gathering questions from YOU to ask the MAPPA production team about the upcoming anime! Use the hashtag ChainsawManAX to submit your questions. See you on July 4 @ 11:30am PT in the Main Events Hall!

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— Kyle Cardine (@Kyle_Cardine) June 16, 2022

A specific date for the release of Chainsaw Man’s anime has yet to be revealed, though it has been confirmed for a 2022 release. MAPPA itself is easily one of the busiest anime studios in the market today, with the animation house currently working on the second season of Jujutsu Kaisen, the final episodes of Attack on Titan, and the new anime series Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku. With MAPPA already giving fans a glimpse at Chainsaw Man via a trailer for the series, the bloody series is getting ready to be seen by quite a few new fans.


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