Chris Kattan says that he wants to do a Night at the Roxbury sequel and already has an idea for the story. TMZ caught up with the Saturday Night Live star outside of an airport to talk about the proposed film. Kattan mentions that people ask about this all the time. The comedian has been letting it percolate for years. Basically, taking the idea of the two brothers as aging but wanting to get back into the game. He also mused about the possibility of bringing a third brother into the mix. So, clearly there’s been some thought put into this concept. Sequels have never been more popular, it would be very interesting.

Kattan began, “I haven’t, but I mean, so many people talk to me and asked me about, ‘Is there going to be a Night at the Roxbury 2?’ I think it would be fun!” When asked about what the sequel would look like, he responded, “I think we see where we are at this point. He’s probably married to Molly Shannon’s character and I’m probably, I don’t know, in prison? Like my character and I’m trying to get out. I’m trying to get the club life back together.”

“We’re probably like, clubs are different now, obviously, than they were then. But, we’re older and we’re trying to be amongst the younger ones. And there might be a third Roxbury guy, maybe a long lost brother. I mean, it’s just an idea.”

On a previous appearance with David Yontef’s Behind the Velvet Rope podcast, the SNL star laid out a similar path. “That would be great to do,” Kattan said. “In fact, I think that would be a great idea. Honestly. I think it would be great to get me and Will Ferrell and Jim Carrey as a third guy, I think it would be a fantastic idea. They were the first three people that did it on SNL… First it was Will and I. And then Jim Carrey hosted, and then it was the three of us. So I think that’s what really boosted that, those characters up to another level.”

“I think if we did those characters today, a film, I think it would do really well,” he candidly continued. “And I think it would be so, so much fun. And I think people would love it. That would be a neat thing to do… Is there some sort of like an online Reddit? I don’t know what it is that makes that happen, but that’d be great. What do you suggest? What do they say? Isn’t there some sort of like a Go Fund Me?”


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Here’s the synopsis for the original: “Despite being well into adulthood, brothers Doug (Chris Kattan) and Steve Butabi (Will Ferrell) still live at home and work in the flower shop owned by their dad (Dan Hedaya). They exist only to hit on women at discos, though they’re routinely unsuccessful until a chance run-in with Richard Grieco (Richard Grieco) gets them inside the swank Roxbury club. Mistaken for high rollers, they meet their dream women, Vivica (Gigi Rice) and Cambi (Elisa Donovan), and resolve to open a club of their own.”

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