Classic Fortnite map POIs are ‘infecting’ Season 3

The new Fortnite update for Chapter 3 Season 3 is live and it features a number of cool changes, including the second season of Naruto skins, a Fireworks Gun, Darth Vader – and the next step in the story, as classic Fortnite map locations have started ‘infecting’ the map, thanks to the spread of the Reality Tree.

As initially spotted on Twitter by user Nanxss, areas of the current map are warping into variations from Fortnite Chapter 1 and 2. Logjam Lumberyard in the northwest seems the most affected right now, as players report that it actually changes themes every game – with styles ranging from Roman, Atlantean, Western, and Pirate just warping in, such as the pirate ship from Lazy Lagoon in Chapter 1 Season 8. Tilted Towers also appears to be undergoing a renovation.

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This appears to be caused by the giant Reality Tree to the west of the map, as its roots and saplings continue to spread and are apparently warping reality. Expect it to start infecting other areas of the map very soon.

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