CM Punk Makes Surprising Cameo on Latest Episode of Mayans M.C.

Most cameos we’ve seen on Mayans M.C. to this point have helped connect the show back to Sons of Anarchy. In Tuesday night’s new episode of the series, however, another recognizable face shows up to join the fun, this one from the world of professional wrestling. CM Punk, one of the biggest stars of All Elite Wrestling (and former WWE Champion), surprised fans with an appearance on Mayans M.C. halfway through episode four.

“A Crow Flew By” deals a lot with the inner turmoil of the Mayans club, as well as the brewing war with the Sons of Anarchy, but this season has paid special attention to the individual journeys of its characters and this episode continues that trend by digging into the past of Gilly (Vincent Vargas). At one point, Gilly drives out to a neighborhood we haven’t seen before and knocks on the door of a house, only for CM Punk to answer.

Why yes, that is @cmpunk on MayansMC. pic.twitter.com/tWalg1lK4u

— Mayans MC (@MayansFX) May 4, 2022

It turns out, Punk is playing a character named Paul, who served with Gilly in the military. It’s Paul’s son’s birthday party, and Gilly shows up to celebrate with his old unit. Gilly, Paul, and their other veteran pals joke around with each other at the barbecue in Paul’s back yard. Paul’s wife was also part of the unit, having served as their commanding officer.

This part of Gilly’s story digs into the trauma that veterans deal with after returning home, and how their bonds continue to help one another through difficult times. Without giving too much away, Gilly is able to support Paul in a way that no one else could, revealing quite a lot about his character in the process. We also get a glimpse into what drove Gilly toward the Mayans in the first place.

There’s a lot to unpack about this particular part of Gilly’s past, and it wouldn’t be surprising if we see Paul again in a future episode. That said, there has been no confirmation yet as to whether or not Punk will be returning to Mayans M.C. at any point this season.


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While best known as a wrestler, Punk (real name Phil Brooks) has been doing his fair share of acting over the last few years. In addition to his work in feature films like Jackob’s Wife and Girl on the Third Floor, Punk had a recurring guest role in the first season of Heels, playing fan-favorite character Ricky Rabies.

Were you surprised to see CM Punk on the latest episode of Mayans M.C.? Do you hope to see him on the show again later this season? Let us know in the comments!