Cobra Kai’s Mary Mouser Talks Sam’s Surprising Bond With Johnny

The fourth season of Cobra Kai begins with a team-up that no Karate Kid fans could have ever expected, with Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence attempting to join forces to take down Kreese. However, Daniel and Johnny aren’t the only unlikely friends that develop over the course of the new season. In the lead-up to the All-Valley Tournament, Daniel’s daughter Sam discovers that she has just as much to learn from her dad’s longtime nemesis as she does her father.

Sam spends some of the season training with Johnny and learning the offense-first ways of Eagle Fang, much to Daniel’s frustration. The bond between Johnny and Sam grows throughout the season as she comes into her own, realizing that her dad’s way isn’t the only way and discovering quite a bit about herself. Johnny and Sam’s relationship helps make Cobra Kai Season 4 unique, and star Mary Mouser recently talked to ComicBook.com about building that bond with William Zabka.

“I was so grateful to get to tackle that, and I think that’s something that our creators just do so brilliantly, is kind of throw us into these new relationships and new environments to kind of see what happens,” Mouser told us. “They’re constantly, I feel like, throwing us in there and hitting blend and seeing what happens, and I really love that with William, getting to work with him in those situations. I feel like I’ve always been on the periphery of those.”

“But ironically, I mean, my very first scene in the whole show was with [William] in the car, when he was drunk, and we hit his car,” she said. “So it was fun to get to have a little bit of a full circle moment. Obviously my character starts with Daniel. That’s my first relationship that we really explore, and the same with Miguel [and Johnny]. But realistically, my journey started with Johnny, and kind of how we messed up each other’s lives, and then the idea of seeing the two of them interact in more of a learning environment, I think is pretty awesome.”

Fans of Cobra Kai have always known that Daniel and Johnny are more alike than they are willing to admit, and know Sam knows it too. It’ll be interesting to see how this affects her training in Season 5.


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