There’s quite a bit of buzz around former WWE Superstar and now free agent Cesaro, who left WWE earlier this year. Many have been wondering when he would start the next era of his wrestling career, as it’s mostly been radio silent aside from DA Party videos and some appearances on G4. A tweet from Wrestling News has brought up an interesting scenario and theory, as photos of a muscled up cameraman have been collected in one place after he showed back up again during tonight’s Dynamite, and since those have gone back all the way to February, could this actually be a hidden in plain sight Cesaro? Well, sure it could, but it could also very well be just a cameraman.

Some in the comments are saying that the cameraman has been part of the Dynamite crew before Cesaro had departed WWE, and this person just works out a lot. If you look at the photos you can certainly see a slight resemblance, but the zoomed-in photos are blurry and half his face is covered with a mask, so it’s not nearly conclusive enough.

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The muscled up cameraman that has been appearing since February was back tonight. Kinda looks like Cesaro doesn’t he? AEWDynamite

— Wrestling News (@WrestlingNewsCo) May 5, 2022

Also he’s got a hat on and clad all in black, so it’s hard to make out any other similarities. Now, could this angle still happen? Sure, but even if it did, odds are it hasn’t been Cesaro the whole time. Instead, we might see Cesaro disguised as the cameraman for one segment as a one-off and not this huge “he was there all along” type rollout.

Honestly, I could not care less how Cesaro debuts in AEW, I just want to see it happen. There are some amazing matches that could happen involving the Swiss Superman in All Elite Wrestling, so here’s hoping we get to see some of those happen.


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