Dark Horse Books and Lucasfilm Releasing Deluxe Hardcover Edition of THE ART OF STAR WARS: VISIONS

To celebrate Star Wars Day last week, Dark Horse Books and Lucasfilm announced an oversized deluxe hardcover edition for The Art of Star Wars: Visions. This edition will also feature an exclusive slipcase and a folio that has “a triptych of archive-quality lithographs with stills from each episode.” This artbook features almost 200 pages filled awesome artwork from the television series.

This lovingly assembled tome celebrates the talent and tenacity involved in bringing this unique series to life, exploring the art with insightful commentary and unparalleled detail.

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Fans can purchase this edition of The Art of Star Wars: Visions on September 7 for $99.99 from their local comic and book stores as well as the bigger retailers.