Dark Horse Reveals 3 New THE WITCHER Figures From Season 2

Dark Horse and Netflix have returned to the world of The Witcher(*2*) with three new figures. Ciri, Vesemir, and naturally Geralt will probably be sporting their season two seems with these new hand painted plastic figures. Ciri stands able to proceed her coaching along with her new warden, Geralt, and the oldest and most skilled Witcher at Kaer Morhen, Vesemir. Ciri is 8.5’’ tall, Vesemir is 9.2’’ tall, and Geralt stands at an imposing 9.5’’.  Each determine will include their very own show base at 1’’ tall with a 6’’ diameter. While they’re lacking among the polish of upper finish collectible figures, at solely $59.99 I feel they give the impression of being good. You can discover them out there for buy worldwide in (*3*) 2023. 

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