Dark Souls 3 overhaul mod Archthrones is getting a demo

            Dark Souls: Archthrones is an impressive Dark Souls 3 mod that acts as both an overhaul and a prequel to FromSoftware's <a href="https://www.pcgamesn.com/15-best-rpgs-pc">RPG game</a>, and the team now reveals that it's "working on a demo" that should hopefully be available soon.

There are many fantastic fan-made Dark Souls 3 mods, such as ones that change boss fights or just complete overhauls of the game, but Archthrones is a little different. The team describes it as an “extensive” overhaul of the dark fantasy game. Locations are being “beautifully reimagined” with new lighting and visuals, and there will also be changes to boss encounters, too.

Aside from being an overhaul, though, Archthrones also features “an alternate story set before the events” of Dark Souls 3, with this prequel story being set “across five unique worlds, each accessed via the Nexus of Embers”. It’s apparently been in development for two years, and also contains new NPCs, enemies, and even bosses. The team even seems to be deliberately making the new areas more in the style of Dark Souls precursor Demon’s Souls, which is neat as that game’s still not on PC.

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