Dead by Daylight Roadmap Lays Out Plans for Next Chapters, Features

With The Dredge already terrorizing Dead by Daylight now that Chapter 24 has been out for a while, players have more Chapters to look forward to in the future among other features and additions. To help give an idea of when those kinds of releases will happen, developer Behaviour Interactive shared a roadmap for Year 7 that maps out plans for three more Chapters to be released between now and April 2023.

That roadmap can be seen below for players to bookmark if they’re ever wondering what’s coming to Dead by Daylight and when. With June already at its halfway point, we’ve gotten the new Roots of Dread Chapter by now as well as the Twisted Masquerade event that’s currently ongoing. No Chapter will be released next month nor will one be out in August, but come September, we’ll get another one that’ll come complete with another Killer and Survivor.

While new Chapters are often the subject of many speculations ahead of their releases, some of the guesswork around Chapter 25 has already been removed. That’s because Behaviour Interactive took an atypical route with its Chapter teases during the anniversary event by confirming that Chapter 25 would be the next Resident Evil DLC. This is the first time Behaviour has double dipped with a license to pull two Chapters from it following the first that added The Nemesis, Leon, and Jill. We don’t yet know who all will be included in this Chapter, but people have a strong suspicion that it’ll have something to do with Wesker.

? Our plate’s looking pretty full for Year 7. Here’s what’s on the menu.

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Beyond that Chapter, there will be another in November to round out the year with Tomes released between each Chapter. From October to November, players will also see another event taking place. Behaviour has said in the past it planned to refocus its attention on events to the ones held around the game’s anniversary and around Halloween, so players can hopefully look forward to that event being a strong one.


At the bottom of the roadmap with no real release windows are a number of different features and improvements being worked on. Those include things like the Mori rework as well as an update for the wiggle escape system and more.