Death Stranding Director’s Cut officially hits Steam and Epic this spring

Death Stranding got an excellent PC port in 2020, so it was disappointing to see the updated Director’s Cut version launch exclusively on PlayStation 5 last year. A number of leaks this week suggested that a PC port for the new content would simply be a matter of time, and publisher 505 Games has now confirmed that the Director’s Cut is coming to home computers.

The new Steam listing for the Director’s Cut is entirely separate from the original game, so it’s not just DLC. It’s unclear whether there’ll be an upgrade path for owners of the original version on PC, though 505 says more info is coming “at the end of January”. On PlayStation 5, owners of the original Death Stranding were able to upgrade to the Director’s Cut for $10 / €10.

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The game will launch simultaneously across Steam and the Epic Games Store this spring. It will include all the PC-focused improvements the original release of Death Stranding boasted, like high frame rate and ultrawide monitor support, and include Intel’s XeSS upscaling tech.

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