Distant Worlds 2 devs want to “correct the gap” with the upcoming space 4X game

Distant Worlds 2 is one space strategy game that’s been on our radar ever since it was announced earlier this year. Currently scheduled for release early next year, it presents players with a living galaxy, teeming with private enterprise, pirates, and powerful space monsters beneath the usual humdrum of the ‘big’ empires.

Distant Worlds’ place within the space 4X genre is distinct – if not wholly unique – and the developer Code Force’s main aim was less to reinvent it for new audiences, but rather to bring the established premise into the modern age with new, 64-bit tech.

“With Distant Worlds 1 we had a lot of great ideas,” game director Erik Rutins tells us, “but we were a generation behind in terms of the game engine.” One of the team’s primary goals was, as Rutins puts it, to “correct that gap” and ensure Distant Worlds 2 is a game that existing fans could recognise and enjoy, while also being confident that it was a modern game. “It was actually a huge goal and a huge amount of work for us, given the size the team,” he observes.

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