Doctor Strange 2: Who Is Clea?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe started with a single movie in Jon Favreau’s Iron Man (2008). In the 14 years since that debuted, the franchise has ballooned not only into Hollywood’s largest franchise but an interconnected universe that mirrors the very source material it pulls from. That’s why it’s not all too surprising Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness introduced another beloved character to the live-action world as Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and his cohorts traversed through all realities.

We’re going full spoilers for this one, folks! If you’ve yet to see the second Doctor Strange flick, proceed with caution. You’ve been warned!

After the Sam Raimi picture closes with Strange growing a third eye in his forehead as a result of the corruption overtaking his body for using the Darkhold, the screen quickly cuts to black. As we all know all too well by now, fans can always expect a pair of post-credits scenes teasing future installments. This big teaser came in the form of Clea’s live-action debut, with the sorceress being played by none other than Charlize Theron.

Donning her classic purple suit, Theron’s Sorcerer Supreme warns Strange that he’s caused an incursion in a separate reality and he needs to come help. As she slashes her way through the fabric of reality, the Dark Dimension is exposed once again, the realm dominated by the dread Dormammu.

Tying into the first Doctor Strange, Clea — coincidentally enough — happens to be the niece of Dormammu in the Marvel Comics lore. Herself hailing from the Dark Dimension, Clea is part-Faltine, the same mystical race that her mother Umar and Umar’s brother Dormammu belong to. As it goes, Faltinians are born of pure magic, and receive certain powers because of that. Since Clea is technically part-Faltine and part-Dark Dimenional humanoid, she is able to take a human-like look.

She’s often found herself as a supporting character of Strange’s throughout her times in the comic book lore, even times where the two were romantically linked not only as lovers, but married partners. Most would consider Clea to be one of the Sorcerer Supreme’s most popular supporting characters, having appeared in nearly 300 issues involving Marvel’s mystical lore.

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Most recently, Clea actually become the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth-616, replacing her ex-husband after his death at the hands of Kaecilius. She even adopted the Strange surname, and currently stars in the Strange comic series from Jed McKay and Marcelo Ferrira. The third issue of that is set to hit comic stores on June 1st.


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