Documentary Being Developed on the Life and Career of Beloved Actor GENE WILDER

White Horse Pictures, the studio behind documentaries about the Beatles, Lucille Ball, and the Bee Gees, is producing another feature about a legendary entertainer, Gene Wilder. Director Chris Smith (Bad Vegan, 100 Foot Wave) is helming the project, which will be told through the perspective of Jordan Walker-Pearlman, the late actor’s nephew and a filmmaker in his own right.

Wilder was likely in the background of many of your childhoods as Willy Wonka in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Jim in Blazing Saddles, or Dr. Frederick Frankenstein in Young Frankenstein. He was such a gifted comedic actor, and a generally cool guy, it will be awesome to have a documentary dive into his life and career.

Wilder turned down many offers in his before his death to work on documentaries about his life, but Walker-Pearlman saw this doc as a great opportunity to tell his uncle’s story the right way. He said in a statement:

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“To trust other filmmakers with something as sacred to me as my relationship with Gene was not easy, but working with Chris Smith, White Horse Pictures and Andy Trapani has been an incredibly organic experience. I look forward to seeing Gene’s inner spirit shine on screen for what I hope will be his final great performance.”

I look forward to being able to watch this doc. No release date has been given, but we will keep you posted.

via: Variety