Dragon Ball Fan Goes Viral Thanks to Their Wild Gallery of Goku Paintings

Goku might not be the star of the upcoming Shonen film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, but he still remains, arguably, the biggest Z-Fighter to spawn from the mind of Akira Toriyama. Spending the runtime of the upcoming anime movie training off-world with both Vegeta and the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly, one fan artist has gone viral for a number of painting that takes the long-running Dragon Ball protagonist and pits him against some wild opponents while also placing him in some scenarios that you definitely won’t see in either the anime or manga for Dragon Ball Super.

While Goku might not be the star of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the Z-Fighter and Vegeta are front and center in the fight against the Heeters in the Granolah The Survivor Arc currently unfolding in the pages of the Shonen’s manga. With the current arc traveling to the past to have Goku learn more about his father, Bardock, the villain Gas is looking to wipe both the Saiyans and the intergalactic bounty hunter off the face of the Earth. With Son still working on perfecting Ultra Instinct, this arc might harken a new era of power for the Z-Fighter.

Twitter Artist Venom Moe shared these hilarious new images of Son Goku, with the painter stating that “every time that they lose an argument, they will paint Goku” which have created some wild works that have gone viral with the Dragon Ball character who first arrived in the 1980s:

Every time I lose an argument I paint Goku pic.twitter.com/6BCrUpIE89

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— M O E (@Venommoe) June 15, 2022

There are currently no plans for Dragon Ball Super, and Goku, to return to the small screen following the conclusion of the original series with the finale of the Tournament of Power, though there certainly is plenty of material from the manga for the show to adapt whenever it does return. As the Granolah The Survivor Arc continues to play out, it will be interesting to see if Son is able to evolve as he fights against Gas while also learning more about his heritage within the Saiyan race.


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