Dragon Ball Super May Have Revealed How Granolah’s Big Battle Will End

Dragon Ball Super fans love a good theory, and thankfully, the series is all too happy to hype the fandom’s ideas. From Broly to Cell, every fighter in the series has prompted some kind of speculation, and that is true for Granolah. The sniper may be new to the series, but his quest for revenge has enthralled fans around the world. And now, one theory has figured out how the hero might end his big battle.

If you are caught up with the manga, you will know that Granolah is dealing with a huge revelation right now. The sniper was finally told that Goku’s dad was the one who saved him as a child, and The Heeters were behind his people being killed. As you can imagine, he has shifted his vengeance towards the gang, and Granolah is fighting with Gas after a wish turned the latter into the most powerful fighter alive.

The pair are fighting toe to toe right now, but given Gas’ wish, Dragon Ball Super fans are curious how Granolah could win. He is no longer the strongest guy on the field, but our new hero doesn’t need that title. There are ways to beat an opponent who is stronger than you, and Vegeta is the one who taught him that.

If you will remember, Vegeta schooled Granolah on power scaling a while back. The Saiyan said Granolah might be the strongest right after he made his wish, but Vegeta is always able to go past that limit. All it takes is some training and a bit of rage to push past the strength of another. And with that, Vegeta had the battle experience to hone his power at his current level; Granolah did not know how to wield his power properly, and all of these truths will apply to Gas.

Sure, Granolah is going to be pushed to his limit, but he can always become more powerful. The sharpshooter has the determination to win this battle, and that gumption counts for more than Dragon Ball fans might realize. Gas may be powerful now, but he is too untrained and haughty to fulfill his potential. And in that lapse, fans are certain Granolah will find his key to victory.


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What do you think about this latest Dragon Ball Super theory? Are you convinced Granolah is going to take down Gas? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.