Dragon Ball Super Star Hypes Piccolo’s Future with ‘Super Hero’ Sketch

Dragon Ball Super has a lot on its plate these days, and that means only good things for the fandom. While the manga keeps up its usual chapters, the anime is planning to make a return this spring. This means the gang is getting back together at last, and one of the anime’s stars just drew a special sketch to celebrate their return.

The piece comes from Twitter courtesy of Toshio Furukawa, the voice actor behind Piccolo. The star did a little sketch to hype the impending debut of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, and the digital piece is pretty impressive.

?????????? pic.twitter.com/sQtHlWmAzt

— ????????(?????????) (@TOSHIO_FURUKAWA) January 4, 2022

As you can see above, the artwork Furukawa penned is of himself recording lines for Dragon Ball Super. The portrait depicts the actor with brown hair, teal sneakers, and a casual outfit. With a script in hand, Furukawa is giving his best take of Piccolo’s classic technique. He may have performed the special beam cannon a ton on his life, but this sketch does show Furukawa looking nervous as he preps the attack. And of course, there is a crude sketch of Piccolo on the board beside him that is equal parts awful and adorable.

Clearly, Furukawa had fun with this sketch, and it is starting the year in style. Now, fans just have to wait and see how Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero does with fans. The movie is slated to drop in Japan this April, and its international premieres are expected to start by the summer. In the meantime, Dragon Ball Super will continue releasing chapters monthly for manga readers, and the series has confirmed a new arc will begin later in 2022. Granolah’s arc is nearing its end, so fans can catch up on the series online through Viz Media’s digital vault.


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What do you think about this adorable little sketch? Where would you like Dragon Ball Super to take Piccolo next? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.