Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Started Production Much Earlier Than You Think

Dragon Ball Super has a wild history, and fans are living through it still as the franchise is still moving forward. While the TV anime may be gone, Goku and Vegeta are thriving in the manga each month. And of course, fans know a new movie will go live soon to carry on the anime’s mission. The whole team at Toei Animation has been slaving over Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, and a new report confirms they’ve done so for way longer than we realized.

For those who don’t know him, Akira Toriyama is the creator of Dragon Ball. The beloved artist crafted the world that millions if not billions have come to embrace, so we have Toriyama to thank for Goku. Even today, the artist is working on Dragon Ball Super‘s manga with his protege, and the same goes for the anime. That is why a recent chat with the film’s executive producer revealed a key detail about the show’s next film

And what is it? Well, it is that Toriyama began working on Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero all the way back in 2018.

Akio Iyoku, one of the producers on Dragon Ball Super, confirmed this new detail during a chat with Nikkei Entertainment. It was there the exec said Toriyama started work on the movie’s script before Dragon Ball Super: Broly was released. The latter film debuted overseas in December 2018, so you can see how long the creator spent crafting Goku’s next big story.

After more than three years, Toriyama’s story is ready to come to life, and Dragon Ball Super fans are ready to see his vision. Japan will welcome the film this spring, but the April release isn’t expected to be global. No official international release dates have been shared for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero at this time.


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