Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero TV Spot Highlights Pan’s Potential

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is just hours out from its release in Japan. After a long wait, the anime will make its return to the screen following Broly’s comeback in 2018. And thanks to a new TV spot, the movie is unpacking a bit more about Pan and the Saiyan’s impressive potential.

The clip, as can be seen below, is making the rounds overseas ahead of the movie’s release. It may be short, but it follows Pan as the girl is introduced to the Red Ribbon Army in the worst way. After all, previous promos have confirmed the girl is kidnapped by the organization, but they don’t expect Pan to be as strong as she is.

DBS: SUPER HERO – 2 days to go countdown with a little footage of Pan taking down RR Soldiers. pic.twitter.com/VGvn0PJ3gk

— Hype (@DbsHype) June 9, 2022

The reel goes to show Pan entering the army’s main compound before taking down several of its laymen. The girl might be a toddler in this film, but don’t get it twisted! Gohan is her dad, Goku is her grandfather, and Piccolo is her uncle in all things but blood. There was never a question of whether Pan would be strong, and this clip proves as much.

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Of course, this girl won’t be the only one getting into action in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Gohan and Piccolo are expected to head the film with their allies standing beside them on Earth. Goku and Vegeta will also play a small role as they carry on training with Broly from before. So if you have missed this anime’s epic fights, there will be plenty to watch in this film once it hits theaters near you.


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What do you think of Pan’s part in this new movie? Where do you want Dragon Ball Super to take the Saiyan? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.