Dragon Ball Z Cosplay Hits Hard With 17

Android 17 has had quite a few moments since returning to Dragon Ball during the events of the Tournament of Power Arc, proving that he has been able to amplify his power level by some major multitudes before becoming the winner of the battle that saw numerous realities facing off. While 17 has switched outfits since dedicating his life to being a park ranger who protects animals on an isolated island, many still remember the android in his original outfit from his Dragon Ball Z days, wherein he was attempting to eliminate Son Goku as a result of his programming.

Dragon Ball Super has recently announced that its next film, Super Hero, is set to release worldwide this summer, with Crunchyroll handling the distribution of the upcoming movie around the globe. While the movie will be hitting theaters this June in Japan, the exact release date for North America has yet to be revealed. The return of the Red Ribbon Army will see Gohan and Piccolo stepping up to the plate, with Android 18 being featured in the marketing material, but no sign of 17 as the movie approaches. With the roster fairly stacked as it stands, it will be interesting to see if 17 makes an appearance when it comes to the return of the criminal organization responsible for his creation.

Instagram Cosplayer Elia Fery shared this new take on Android 17, bringing back the android’s classic look which he has since given up since fighting alongside Goku and the other Z-Fighters and even starting a family of his own, which viewers of Dragon Ball Super have yet to see with their own eyes:

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While characters such as Gotenks, 18, Krillin, and more are slated to return for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, many fans have been theorizing that the movie might be a stealth platform for bringing back Cell, the villain that nearly killed the trio of androids during the Cell Saga. With trailers hinting at a mysterious capsule that seems to be set to burst wide open, it is definitely possible that Super Hero will bring back the major villain especially since he’s one of the only characters from Dragon Ball Z that has yet to be brought back from the grave.


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