Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Developer Teases New Game

The developer behind Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is teasing a new game. The latest Dragon Ball proved to be quite divisive when it was released in 2020. Despite this, it was one of the best-selling games of the year. Now, the developer is back and teasing a new game, though it remains to be seen if it’s a Dragon Ball game. According to its president and CEO, CyberConnect2 is preparing to announce a brand new game in February.

The news comes during the Piro-Live! New Year’s Eve Special 2022, where Hiroshi Matsuyama teased the mystery game above, and not much else. While Matsuyama doesn’t divulge any additional details, the brief tidbits he does supply make it sound like it’s a big project under possibly the umbrella of a big IP.

Unfortunately, for now, this is all we have; this information plus a ton of speculation. Thankfully, next month we will have more, though when exactly next month, we don’t know.

A Japanese-based team, CyberConnect2 is best known not just for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, but the .hack series and its Naruto games. It’s also worked on series like Final Fantasy, Demon Slayer, and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. From its inception to now, it mostly treks in anime games and anime-inspired games, so it’s safe to assume this new game will follow suit, but for now, this is just speculation purely based on the developer’s history of releases.

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