Dragon Prince Season 4 Teased in New Netflix Reel

We might not have heard from Dragon Prince in a while now but never fear! Netflix has not abandoned the hit series! While the streaming service did cull a number of animated projects in the last month, Dragon Prince remains safe in its hands, and a new promo seems to share the show’s first footage of season four.

Not long ago, Netflix highlighted its surviving slate of animated series, and it was there Dragon Prince made a comeback. Fans got the tiniest peek at season four towards the middle of the sizzle reel. The footage only lasts a few seconds, but it confirms Netflix hasn’t left the hit series in the dust.

For those unfamiliar with Dragon Prince, the series is one of Netflix’s go-to originals, but fans haven’t been given any new episodes since 2019. At that time, it was announced the series was green-lit for four new seasons with nine episodes in each. According to the Dragon Prince team, every script and dialogue session for season four has been finished, and work is still being done on several episodes. There is no doubt the pandemic forced the show’s team to delay its production timeline, but fans are hopeful season four will debut ASAP.

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If you haven’t checked out Dragon Prince just yet, you can find its first three seasons streaming on Netflix. The story’s official synopsis can be found below for more details:


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“WAR IS COMING . . . Four full moons past, humans crossed into the magical lands of Xadia and committed an unspeakable crime: They destroyed the only egg of the Dragon King and Queen. Now a young Moonshadow elf assassin has been sent on her first mission; she will make the humans pay for their heinous act. But before she can complete her task, she and two human princes make an astonishing discovery . . . a discovery that could change everything. And so the three reluctant allies set off in a desperate attempt to stop the coming war. Their journey won’t be easy, but the trio soon learns that the most serious threat to their quest can’t be fought with magic or physical strength. Can these young heroes overcome the longstanding hatred between humans and elves, and restore peace to their world?”

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