Dread Delusion is a vibrant take on Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

Dread Delusion is a gorgeous fantasy game with a vibrantly coloured open world that feels inspired by classic RPG The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. James Wragg from developer Lovely Hellplace describes the game, which launched on Steam Early Access on June 15, as “a retro cosmic horror role-playing game, or perhaps just a swordy, jumpy romp through a world teeming with interesting characters and terrifying monsters.”

Dread Delusion’s eye-catching retro 3D design is reminiscent of late 90s visuals, even featuring the gentle graphical wobble associated with the likes of the first PlayStation’s graphics. Most immediately noticeable is the bold pink and purple hues of the skyline and the giant, shimmering blood moon. The game features a handcrafted open world comprised of floating islands above a broken planet whose surface “seethes with an undead curse.”

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As you take on the game’s quests or simply explore the world for yourself, you will encounter plenty of threats. However, Lovely Hellplace notes that combat is “never the only option” and that “a keen mind or charming wit can prove just as useful as a sword,” so we’re hopeful for plenty of non-violent solutions to encounters.

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