Dune: Josh Brolin Reveals Reaction to Character’s Sudden Exit

Josh Brolin has a very surprised reaction to his character’s quick exit from Dune. In a sit-down with The Hollywood Reporter, the Gurney Halleck actor talked about his response to the news of a sequel to Denis Villeneuve’s exciting 2021 feature. However, Brolin took all the joking about his screen time in stride. He laughed, “When I watched it, I was like, ‘Where did I go?’ I think that was the first reaction. ‘That’s it?’ But that was all selfish.” A lot of people who went to see the movie without figuring out the long backstory were probably thinking the same thing. Dune had some serious star power on-hand for that first entry. Funnily enough, that wouldn’t have been the only big-name absence that might have had some scratching their heads. Never fear though, the stars will be out for Dune: Part 2.

“I can’t answer that. I don’t know. I mean, I think the book suggests that, but the book suggests a lot of things. The book suggests his singing, and even though that was something that we actually did, we didn’t use it. And that’s a major, major thing with Gurney. So having just read the second one about two weeks ago, I now know why that [sendoff] was the way it was,” Brolin chuckled. “But it’s hard for me to answer that because when Denis is making these choices and having these dreams, talk about immersion, man. The guy gets lost in what he’s doing, completely. I’ve learned, especially as a producer, that post is just as important, if not more important, than what you’ve actually filmed. So I think it was a good place [to leave Gurney].”

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Brolin has been on the record with Collider about coming back for Dune: Part Two. He’s super proud to be a part of the next chapter in this epic saga.

“Javier [Bardem] and I had a similar thing that we both admitted to each other at the Oscars, because we both have a little bit of paunch right now,” Brolin shared. “And we talked to Denis. We hadn’t read anything, and we talked to Denis the week before. He was like, ‘You guys are fighting the whole time. And you’ve been in the desert with the Fremen and all that.’ And we f-cking panicked. We looked down and saw this little friend that we’ve been holding on our abdomen. So we were both on full diet mode at the Oscars, even though you absolutely couldn’t tell. We were already in diet mode, in panic diet mode.”


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