Dying Light 2 introduces a paraglider, with some Tony Hawk Pro Skater-like tricks

Techland’s 2015 zombie game Dying Light is well known for its exhilarating parkour, and its upcoming follow-up Dying Light 2 will likewise offer a veritable playground for freerunning aficionados. Alongside an expanded and improved parkour system, the sequel also introduces a way to not only survive falling off a skyscraper, but to swoop your way across the city, well out of reach of the hordes of hungry Infected below.

The paraglider is a simple piece of equipment: once it’s strapped to your back, you simply open it mid-fall to release the canopy, and carefully steer and stabilise it until you reach the ground. You can’t glide forever, but air vents and gusts of wind reset your stamina and carry you further.

It may seem like a natural fit for Dying Light 2, but Tymon Smektała, lead game designer, tells us that the idea came from left-field. The paraglider, he explains, is the brainchild of lead gameplay programmer Bartosz ‘Głowa’ Kulon – głowa being the Polish word for ‘head’, so nicknamed because he has a “head full of crazy ideas” – some pretty brilliant ones, from the sounds of it.

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