Dying Light 2: Stay Human makes running away cool

Twenty years after the events of the first Dying Light game, the zombie virus has spread throughout the entire human population. It hasn’t taken hold of everyone yet, though – humans in the post-apocalyptic stronghold of Villedor track the progress of their infection with a biomarker, and keep it under control by staying away from the dark.

During the day, the streets are packed with lurching hordes on every corner, but the night holds even more terrors – not only do the zombies enrage when the sun sets, protagonist Aiden Caldwell is also in danger of losing his humanity as the dial on his biomarker steadily ticks down the longer he spends in the darkness.

Personally, I’d set up a UV nightclub and spend every evening drinking enough not to notice when I inevitably turn. Aiden, however, is a cool guy on a mission to find his sister, so he spends every waking moment risking it all for complete strangers, because you don’t survive very long in the end times without making a few allies.

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