EA Sports College Football Game Reportedly Gets a Release Window

A new update on the potential release timing of the new college football game from Electronic Arts suggests that the game is still on track for a release around a year from now. The latest on the game follows a report from 2021 that suggested EA would be targeting a July 2023 release window for the EA Sports College Football game. EA has not officially announced a release date nor even a more specific window for the game, however.

Reporter Matt Brown shared the most recent news on the college football game this week which consisted of details learned about the project from FOIA requests aiming to see what the Collegiate Licensing Corporation was asking of NCAA schools that would presumably be participating in the game. Those same FOIA requests from last year were what returned the July 2023 release window, though those initial documents were dated January 15, 2021, so things could’ve easily changed by now. Brown’s more recent FOIA requests were met with records from February 25, 2022, which said “game development is in full swing, and the launch goal remains summer of 2023.”

For those who often prescribe to leaks and rumors and may have seen a different release window floating around, Brown did note that he’d seen some graphics on social media suggesting that the game would be out in Winter 2023 instead, but based on the documents he’s reviewed and additional sources, July 2023 remains the target.

Elaborating on the contents of the documents obtained through these FOIA requests, Brown said the Collegiate Licensing Corporation has been asking these colleges to provide “stadium assets” for EA to use which include not only music but also chants, cheers, and other audio assets specific to the schools that’ll be in the game. The implication of that, Brown suggested, was that EA was looking to closely recreate the stadium experiences felt at each school which should make for a nice nod to the many college football fans who are already looking forward to the game.


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EA hasn’t yet confirmed a release window for the new college football game, but for now, fans can hold out hope that it’ll release in July 2023.