Elden Ring Player Shows Off Unique Spirit Summon Interaction

Elden Ring’s multitude of Spirit Summons out there within the game make for some attention-grabbing builds, and given what number of there are, gamers are nonetheless discovering new issues about them on a regular basis. For many gamers, it is sensible then that one individual’s latest video of a singular Spirit Summon interplay got here as a shock when a participant confirmed off how sure summoned spirits reply to enemies that they clearly would not have an opportunity of fighting.

The Spirit Summon in query is the one used to summon the Wandering Nobles, and the participant who confirmed off the distinctive interplay between them and a very imposing enemy is Reddit person _harissss. The participant shared a clip inside the Elden Ring subreddit that confirmed what occurs everytime you attempt to use the Wandering Nobles to combat the dragon Agheel.

One would assume that the Wandering Nobles would not stand a lot of an opportunity towards Agheel, and it appears to be like like that idea could be right seeing how they did not even attempt to combat the dragon. Instead, the Wandering Nobles cowered away from the boss and did not assist in any respect.

The Noblemen Spirit Ashes Surrender when summoned towards Agheel. from

It’s definitely a singular response exhibited by the Wandering Nobles even when it wasn’t a very new revelation. The wiki web page for the Spirit Summon, for instance, already had it listed that these spirits would draw back from battles with significantly imposing enemies, so gamers knew about it already. But as evidenced by the various upvotes and feedback given to the preliminary put up, there have been loads of gamers who did not know this form of factor may occur. Use of those Spirit Summons is much much less widespread in comparison with different issues just like the Mimic Tear, too, in order that’s one more reason why this interplay would fly beneath the radar even when it’d been documented already.


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Others commented inside the Reddit thread to say that further Spirit Summons had attention-grabbing interactions with enemies, too. Latenna, for instance can tame wolves as her character’s lore signifies, although that is extra of an attention-grabbing lore tie-in versus a helpful gameplay function. Given that the Spirit Summons are additionally enemies gamers can discover in-game, individuals contemplated as as to if or not these interactions had been remnants of the AI enemies’ behaviors start carried over as soon as they had been summoned.