Elden Ring Pro Let Me Solo Her Hits 1,000 Malenia Kills

Elden Ring legend Let Me Solo Her has now officially beaten Malenia 1,000 times, an event commemorated with a livestream this week showcasing the achievement. Let Me Solo Her started several fights back from the 1,000 milestone, however, to let people watch a couple of boss battles as they worked their way up to that lofty number. The end of the stream featured a “thank you” to the community as well as a tease for a special gift the Malenia pro has coming their way from Bandai Namco.

The player made an Internet career out of fighting the toughest boss in the game, one that many people will struggle to beat just once even if they have two other people helping them. As their name suggests, however, they encourage people to let them solo the boss, though the player has said in the past they don’t mind if people decide to help. Many who summon this player prefer to watch though, so it’s fitting that this 1,000th victory would be watched in such a grand way.

You can see the video below from Let Me Solo Her on YouTube wherein they achieve 1,000 kills against Malenia. The video is close to three hours long since they started the vid at 981 wins and worked up from there to 1,000, but you can skip ahead to the 2:14:33 timestamp if you want to see the final fight.

It appears that for now, at least, this really will be the final fight, or at least the final one we’ll see for a while. At the end of the video, Let Me Solo Her shared a message to the Elden Ring community that’d supported them in this endeavor. They also navigated to the New Game+ option to start their Elden Ring run anew with their limited armor and beefed up weaponry intact for another playthrough. They said they’d be trying to get back to Malenia as quickly as they could, but after 1,000 kills, a break to play through the normal Elden Ring experience will probably be a welcome one.


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Also included in the video was a tease of a gift from Bandai Namco. The player said they’d been contacted by the Elden Ring publisher and had something coming their way, so we’ll likely soon enough how Bandai’s seen fit to commemorate this player’s achievement.