Far Cry 6 – How To Unlock The Wingsuit

Yara’s a big sandbox to explore, and if you’re planning to get around quickly, nothing beats air travel. Unfortunately, the skies of Yara can be hazardous for any rebel in a helicopter but there is a way to get around the island without having to worry about being blasted with anti-air ordinance. The wingsuit, a classic mode of transportation since Far Cry 3, is back and ready to be equipped for the fastest form of travel.

You won’t have it immediately, but you will acquire it once you finish the introductory Far Cry 6 missions in Yara and begin recruiting allies for your revolution. Once you’ve reached the base of either the Montero family, Legends of ’67 or Maximas Mantazas, you can start building camps at these hideouts at the Foreman’s desk.

If you have enough resources, you can build a Hideout Network which will instantly unlock the wingsuit. As an added bonus, areas such as checkpoints, military bases, and rebel hideouts that you unlock and secure, will allow you to select an air-drop fast travel option if anti-air cannons nearby have been taken out.

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