Field of Dreams TV Series Starting Production in Iowa This Summer

Following the show getting a series order at Peacock, Universal has announced that the upcoming TV adaptation of Field of Dreams is gearing up to begin shooting in Iowa later this summer. Michael Schur, creator of fan-favorite shows Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and The Good Place, will executive produce and write the new series which is using a local crew, suppliers and other vendors to support all phases of production. Production offices and location scouting have already begun in the Hawkeye state, filming for the series will also take place in Boston, Massachusetts; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Los Angeles, California, according to a press release.

“The creative team behind this limited series cares deeply about the legacy of ‘Field of Dreams,’ and we felt we simply couldn’t make it without shooting in Iowa,” said executive producers Michael Schur and Morgan Sackett. “You can’t think of the movie without thinking of the state – and vice versa. We’re thrilled to have the cooperation of Produce Iowa and many local businesses, who will help us bring the series to life.” Erin Underhill, President, Universal Television, added: “We are excited to begin production on ‘Field of Dreams’ in the location where this momentous journey began… Iowa. We look forward to giving back to the community with our new training initiative and knocking this series out of the park!”

The upcoming limited series is based on the Academy Award-nominated film of the same name, a staple of actor Kevin Costner’s career. According to the studio, the series “will reimagine the mixture of family, baseball and the magic connecting those themes.” Based on the novel Shoeless Joe by W.P. Kinsella, the original Field of Dreams told the story of a farmer, Costner’s Ray Kinsella, who hears a voice encouraging him to build a baseball diamond in his family’s cornfield which attracts the spirits of dead baseball players, but the purpose of the field is bigger than just watching old baseball players return to the game.


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Upon its release the film was nominated for three Academy Awards including Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Score, and Best Picture (losing to Driving Miss Daisy). The field that was created for the movie was left as it was following production and has been a tourist destination ever since. Last year’s MLB at Field of Dreams event saw the Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees play each other at the venue. In 2017 the original Field of Dreams was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress