Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker’s Magus Sisters Explained

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker is together with a complete lot of recent content material materials when the enlargement releases in November, bringing the “eons in the making” story of Hydaelyn and Zodiark to an end, together with programs identical to the Sage and Reaper, and additional to the game. It’s moreover together with the Tower of Zot dungeon, which choices three faces from the earlier: The Magus Sisters.

So far, perhaps their most iconic place in Final Fantasy was a summon in FF10, nonetheless they originated from the Tower of Zot (subsequently the connection) in Final Fantasy 4. However, they’re nonetheless not as widespread as totally different summons, like Ifrit or Shiva, and it’s worth learning further about them sooner than their launch.
(*14*)Final Fantasy: Magus Sisters’ Origin, Lore, Expertise, and Earlier Video video games

The three sisters are always collectively as a triad, with Sandy being the middle teen nonetheless the tallest character, Cindy being the oldest sister and taking coronary heart stage throughout the trio, and Mindy being the smallest and youngest of the three. Collectively, they’re associated to the Delta Assault which grew from their in-game Final Fantasy 4 method to an accurate assault shortly.

Their establish is obtainable in reference to their magic, Magus, which is obvious however as well as the Moirai, who’re the three fates of Future. These beings are Clotho (spinner), Lachesis (allotter), and Atropos (inevitable)—and this connection is most definitely recognizable in Final Fantasy 10. In distinction to totally different summons, players can’t administration the Magus Sisters.

They’re hardly referenced open air the franchise, though it should be well-known that, in Kingdom Hearts, three Gummi blueprints are named Sandy, Cindy, and Mindy. Inside the Final Fantasy franchise, though, they’ve had a secure number of appearances/references. Not counting smaller and/or cell titles, listed below are basically probably the most notable:

Final Fantasy 4 – The Magus Sisters are minions of Barbariccia, definitely one in all Golbez’s Archfiends, and performance the boss on the Tower of Zot. As well as they appear within the an identical functionality with the an identical strategies in Final Fantasy 4: The After Years.

Final Fantasy 10 – Taking up a further bug-like look, The Magus Sisters perform an optionally out there aeon in Final Fantasy 10 found throughout the Remiem Temple. They cannot be managed, nonetheless players can encourage them with key directions. No matter this, they perform a extremely extremely efficient Final Fantasy summon.

Final Fantasy 10-2 – They appear, wanting merely as they did in Final Fantasy 10, as a boss throughout the Farplane.

Final Fantasy 11 – The Shikaree Sisters are all nonetheless completely confirmed to be the Magus Sisters. Often called Shikaree X, Y, and Z, they each have a weapon corresponding with the Magus Sisters and have their very personal Delta Assault.

Final Fantasy Methods Advance – The Magus Sisters appear as Liliths and are fought in Mission 77. Mindy will reference the Delta Assault, nonetheless they acquired’t use it.

Dissidia – They as quickly as as soon as extra perform as summons on this Final Fantasy stopping sport, on the very least throughout the first two, Dissidia and Dissidia 012. In Dissidia NT, Yuna will reference Mindy when using Passado, nonetheless that’s all.

As well as they appear or are referenced in plenty of smaller and/or cell titles, ranging from Airborne Brigade to Mobius Final Fantasy.
(*14*)Magus Sisters in Final Fantasy 14

As aforementioned, the Magus Sisters are coming to Final Fantasy 14 as part of the Tower of Zot dungeon. They’re renamed Minduruva, Sandurva, and Cinuruva, combining their genuine names with that of Dhruva. This suggests how deep their regional reference to Final Fantasy 14‘s Thavnair goes, which is wise given the Tower of Zot is prepared proper right here too. Nothing else story-wise or lore-wise has been revealed however, and it isn’t vulnerable to sooner than Endwalker’s launch.

Nonetheless, one important issue followers do know is that the Magus Sisters’ Delta Assault is likely to be utilized in Final Fantasy 14. Large changes or whatnot have however to be revealed, nonetheless given how some titles like Methods Advance merely reference the Delta Assault and Final Fantasy 11 changes it up, it’ll be attention-grabbing to see how this one manifests in distinction to totally different, comparable ‘Delta Attacks’ in Final Fantasy 14.

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker releases on November 23 for #PC, #PS4, and #PS5.


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