Final Fantasy X-2 producer was afraid you’d think it was Final Fantasy XII

It turns out that naming Final Fantasy X’s sequel was a bigger headache than you might think. In a blog post for PlayStation, Final Fantasy X-2 producer Yoshinori Kitase recalls that Square Enix initially rejected the name as players might have mistaken it for Final Fantasy XII.

“It may sound odd, but one of the biggest challenges we faced when making Final Fantasy X-2 was what to call it,” he says. “Having a sequel to a mainline game was unheard of, and when we suggested ‘X-2’ the company was initially worried that it would be mistaken for Final Fantasy XII and turned it down. Since then, they’ve grown fond of it of course.”

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Kitase goes on to say that FFX-2 proved more divisive than other Final Fantasy games partly because of its more “bright and poppy direction”, which gives it a very different vibe to other entries in the series. “But I think the way that Final Fantasy games try to break away from preconceived ideas is something truly wonderful about the series – and Final Fantasy X-2 is a perfect example of that,” he says.