Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.05 buffs some DPS classes, slightly nerfs Reaper

Following some maintenance, Final Fantasy XIV’s new patch is here, ushering in the Savage difficulty version of the new Pandæmonium: Asphodelos raid. Before you and your party set out to get wiped in battle repeatedly, though, you may want to take note of some tweaks to various FFXIV DPS jobs.

Some of the more notable changes have come to the Ninja class. Fleeting Raiju has been changed to a melee-range attack from a gap closer, so the striking distance has been greatly reduced though the attack potency has been increased to 560 from 450 to compensate. Forked Raiju is still here, though it’s a separate action instead of a combo move, and the attack power has also been increased to 560. So how will this work in full flow? Now when you use Raiton, you’ll be ‘Raiju Ready’ instead of ‘Forked Raiju Ready’, so you can start with whatever attack you fancy. The status effect duration has also been increased to 30 seconds from 15, so go wild, shinobi.

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You’ll also find that using Phantom Kamaitachi no longer uses a stack of Bunshin, and the increase to Ninki Gauge has been changed from ten to five. The ‘Phantom Kamaitachi Ready’ status effect will no longer expire when the effect of Bunshin ends, instead lasting for 45 seconds.

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