First Paid Overwatch 2 Bundle Guarantees Beta Access

Overwatch 2 won’t cost players any money this time to play now that it’s going free-to-play, but there will naturally still be options to spend if you want to. The first of those purchases has gone live now with Blizzard offering the Overwatch 2: Watchpoint Pack which comes with things like skins and some premium currency to purchase more cosmetics. It also comes with guaranteed access to the game’s next beta if you don’t want to risk not getting selected to take part.

The bundle is priced at $39.99, so while it’s not quite as expensive as buying Overwatch 2 at the premium price of $60 or $70 depending on what it would’ve been priced at, it’s still not cheap for a free-to-play bundle. The beta access is just part of the deal, however, so it may seem like a more attractive offer if you like the heroes getting the skins through this bundle and plan on playing enough to make use of the battle pass progression system the game will support.

“Upon launch in October, you will receive the following Overwatch 2 in-game content: Season 1 Premium Battle Pass, two (2) Legendary Hero Skins – Space Raider Cassidy & Space Raider Soldier 76, 2000 Overwatch 2 Virtual Currency, and an early purchase exclusive Overwatch 2 Player Icon,” the overview of the bundle said.

While some players aren’t sold on the need for an Overwatch 2, some of the changes implemented in this new game do make it difficult to predict just how worthwhile bundles like this and their contents will be. This’ll be the first time the game has had a battle pass, for example, and without having seen its contents yet, we don’t know yet what the distribution of loot looks like between different cosmetic categories. The “in-game shop experience centered on player choice” where players will use this virtual currency is also new.


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If you don’t want to pay to play in the beta, you can sign up here instead. Twitch Drops offered access last time, too, so you’ve got other options other than paying unless none of those work out.