Genshin Impact: How to Return to the Abandoned Shrine and Use the Memento Lens to Investigate

Genshin Impact: How to Return to the Abandoned Shrine and Use the Memento Lens to Investigate

The Sacrificial Offering quest in Genshin Impact begins by sending gamers to an abandoned shrine northeast of Konda Village. After exploring this location and talking with Inagi Hotomi on the Grand Narukami Shrine, followers might want to return to the deserted shrine for additional investigation. That is completed by scanning a number of Earth Kitsune statuettes with the Memento Lens, and this information is right here to level Genshin Impact gamers in the proper course.

Before diving into the areas of the Earth Kitsune in Genshin Impact, it might be value taking a second to make clear that the Memento Lens is a gadget that may be geared up from the gadget menu. When that has been completed, followers can activate the merchandise to look by it, and they’ll wish to direct the lens on the small foxlike sculptures with the glowing eyes for the needs of this quest. Indeed, these are the statuettes of curiosity, and a map highlighting their exact positions will be discovered under.

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In entrance of the temple.In the grass simply southeast of the primary statuette.By the circle of Kitsune statues the place the Mysterious Shadows in Genshin Impact gathered earlier within the questline.Just southeast of the third statuette.On the east facet of the big Kitsune statue.On a big rock.Under a small lined construction.Next to a small shrine the place a Mysterious Shadow stood beforehand.

After all of those statuettes, gamers will obtain indication that they’ve accomplished the “return to the abandoned shrine and use the Memento Lens to investigate” quest step. This doesn’t mark the top of the Sacrificial Offering quest, although, as followers will now have to recite the sacred phrases in entrance of the Sky Kitsune Statue. Notably, that’s the previously-mentioned sculpture close to Earth Kitsune statuette quantity 5, and Genshin Impact followers ought to work together with it, choose the proper phrases, and accumulate the Ward.

From there, gamers should discover and finally destroy a barrier in Genshin Impact. The barrier of curiosity will be present in a cave to the south of the deserted shrine, and followers that hope to demolish it might want to resolve one other quick puzzle and defeat the Mysterious Samurai. As quickly as that enemy has been slain, gamers will probably be handled to a considerably prolonged cutscene, and the Sacrificial Offering quest will lastly be completed when that cutscene reaches its conclusion.

Genshin Impact is obtainable now on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5, with a Switch model in improvement.

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