Get to know your class in Super People

Super People is a brand-new battle royale game with a twist, where each super-soldier has their own class type and array of specialised abilities with which to take out their opponents. Rather than starting with nothing and building from there, your character will already have remarkable strengths (and a few weaknesses) by the time they drop into the map.

Each has their own special move that can be activated at the peak of their strength, meaning a game can turn in seconds. As such, choosing your class type is a highly important decision that could be the difference between a crushing loss and a victorious win.

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We’ve put together a quick guide for each class type, laying out their main perks and ultimate skill to help you understand the tools at your disposal. You don’t get to choose which class you play as in each game – that’s randomly decided for you at the start of every match – but with an understanding of each class, the gameplay becomes more strategic and enjoyable.