There are six classes to choose from in <a href="">Tiny Tina's Wonderlands</a>, each one as badass as the last, but all for different reasons. From the powerful, ice-powered Brr-Zerker to the stealthy Stabbomancer, there's plenty of opportunity to make your mark on the Wonderlands in whatever playstyle suits you.

The real question is, which one should you start with? There’s a ton of customisation in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, but you’ll be playing with your starting class for the entirety of your campaign. That’s a big choice to make – but we’ve helped make it a little bit easier.

In our video below, we break down three of the six classes available, giving you a closer look at what to expect when you’ve spent a bit of time getting to know your skills. Our choices offer a look at playstyles from across the class spectrum, from up-close-and-personal gunfights to explosive spells and sweet, cleansing fire. There are more beyond – as well as the Brr-Zerker and Stabbomancer, you can choose from the Clawbringer, Graveborn, Spellshot, and Spore Warden, so there’s plenty of choice no matter how you want to play.

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