Goldberg Teases Future With WWE, Gives Honest Thoughts on Big E

Goldberg sat down with Sports Illustrated this week to discuss a number of topics, including his potential future with the WWE. It’s well-known that the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion only has one match left on his current WWE deal, but the 55-year-old said he’s not ruling out continuing to wrestle more matches — “I’m focused on what’s next. If they want to come back to me with something, we’ll talk. You never know what the future holds.”

One person who has openly campaigned for a match with Goldberg is Big E, who dropped the WWE Championship at the Day 1 pay-per-view this past weekend. “Da Man” had nothing but positive things to say regarding E.

“I’m a huge fan of Big E, both personally and professionally,” Goldberg said. “It was wonderful to see him as champion. I know he lost the belt [at Day 1], but it’s only going to be a bump in the road. I feel like I’m old enough to be his grandfather. I’m extremely proud of him. I first met Big E when he was a kid at one of my signings. For him to be a fan of mine throughout the years, it’s an honor and a privilege. Now, I am a fan of his. I love his work, I love his enthusiasm, I love his passion. To me, he’s the prototype for a wrestling superstar in 2022.”

The WWE Hall of Famer has wrestled 11 times since coming out of retirement in 2016, with the best match perhaps being his latest encounter with Bobby Lashley at Crown Jewel last October.

“That’s what I needed,” Goldberg said regarding the match. “I love Bobby and wanted to work with him for years, and we clicked. I was given more time to get ready for that match, and I was really happy with it. Not to beat a broken record, but that’s what happens when I have more time.”


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He also wasn’t afraid to admit that his legacy as an in-ring performer has been hurt somewhat by a few of the matches in his latest run — “I have cemented a legacy. It’s been tarnished a little bit. There is a huge risk every time I come back, and that’s a challenge I’ve taken on. But looking at the whole, I am honored and privileged to be Goldberg in the WCW days, and I am still honored to be doing it today. I’m the last one that should pass judgment on his career. I try not to look back too often. I’m not a fatalist, but I don’t like the end of anything. If looking back brings me closer to the end, I’d rather wait until it’s over.”